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Risk Management Professionals has collaborated with WBBM to create a broad spectrum SEMS compliance Software package called SEMS-Solution™.  SEMS-Solution™ has modules for cost-effectively developing, tracking, and managing all SEMS elements, records, and documentation, and for efficiently staying in compliance.  Modules exist with basic procedures such as Management of Change, Safe Work Practices, Pre-Startup Review, & Investigation of Incidents, and for their on-line completion and tracking.  Emergency Response Plan, Safety & Environmental Information, and Operating Procedure creation and update, as well as implementation and management of your Training program are also easily accomplished on-line.  Hazards Analysis support includes a module for recording of the team sessions as well as facilitating documentation and tracking recommendations.  Mechanical Integrity Programs are completely managed, including the generation of Work Orders, reminders, and trending.  The Audit module ensures that a compliant audit is performed, including the generation of the audit pre-plans that must be submitted to the BOEMRE.  Please contact for additional information.



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